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PATTERN: Colour splash

Bengal cats can be recognized by its it luxurious short, soft coat colours and patterns. The intensity of coat colours and patterns are vary and unique for each Bengals. In general, Bengals are brown or white in colour, while the patterns is either spotted or marbled. The spotted pattern is most associated with the leopard look.
    • Brown Spotted Bengal
      • may in rosetted or solid colour
    • Snow Spotted Bengal
      •  blue eyed (rare) or AOC (any other colour eyed)
    • Brown Marbled Bengal
    • Snow Marbled Bengal
    • Silver Spotted Bengal

Some Bengal have a translucent glittering effect on their coats. This is called Glittering and gives the cat it's shimmering, golden appearance in certain lights. Snow Bengal can also be glittered, but the effect is more like pearldust. Not all Bengals carry this gene and considered very attractive in appearance on a Bengal although it is not mandatory.
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