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HISTORY: Lets learn

The name Bengal is derived from the Latin name of the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), Feline Bengalensis. Bengal was originally created by crossing a domestic cat with an ALC. Whilst the domestic Bengal cat retain the uniqueness of its wild ancestors with similar in appearance, its however have the personality of a domestic cat.

Asian Leopard Cat (ALC)

The Bengal cat is a large, sleek and very muscular cat with its hind-quarters slightly higher than its shoulders with a thick tail that is carried low. Adult Bengal males gross weight between 14-20 pounds and the females between 8-12 pounds. The Bengal is alert and affectionate and its wild appearance is enhanced by its distinctive spotted or marbled coat, on a background colour of brown, white or sometimes silver.

Bengal hybrids are from F1 to F3 and F4 onwards. The 1st generation breeding of Bengal cats is called F1. Then F2 is the result of the F1 and a domestic, and F3 has one F2 parent and one domestic. Usually breeding programs use a female ALC and male domestic as the males tend to be sterile. F4 (the forth generation), and Bengal to Bengal onwards are known as SBT (studbook).

Bengal Hybrids

The Bengal is truly amazing, unique and playful, with the stunning looks of its wild ancestor.
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